Wednesday, September 24, 2008

OK, so here comes the final act of the George Bush presidency and, boy, it's a spectacular finish! Here we see Dubya telling the American people that he needs to pay off the greedy SOBs on Wall Street, specifically the money-lenders and their ilk, to the tune of $1 trillion (and if you believe that's the total amount, you're a BIG FOOL! because once that floodgate is opened, it will NEVER be closed again!) and he's using the tired old FEAR factor to ramp up the emotional misdirection ploy that's served him so well in the eight years of his reign. After all the bullshit and death and over-spending that our president already has laid at our doorsteps, now he believes we should believe him one more time (for old time's sake, perhaps?) and support this bloated bailout without hesitation, strapping our great-great-grandchildren with a nice new $10,000 debt the day they draw first breath.
Oh, yes, Dubya's minions made the Sunday news show rounds to warn us, in ambiguous and cryptic language that illuminated NOTHING and shoveled 40 pounds of doubt and fear into our heads. Of course, the usual congressional nitwits jumped on the bandwagon immediately, never missing an opportunity to get their pictures published in the media, crying "Wolf" louder than Dubya's cabinet. Remember folks, this is the administration that hasn't gotten one thing right in its entire tenure and is leaving the White House in the shabbiest shape its ever been in since its early construction, when John Adams lived in the run down, decrepit pit of a swampland it once was. And I don't mean structurally. No, I mean the presidency is smeared with blood and shit and dark, dank smells that one usually encounters only in a garbage heap, and it's all thanks to Dubya. This is a guy who has never failed to reward mediocrity, promote incompetence and praise outright failure, all in the name of self-promotion. Dubya doesn't give a damn about the American people (let alone black folk) and he's proven that time and again to this day!
So, here comes Bernanke and the other guy (Newsweek has crowned him "King Paulson") with dire warnings of the demise of the American economic system, a complete flameout of the lending industry that threatens to demolish "our way of life," but they offer no clear picture of the extent of the threat, who's involved, who's responsible, and what other options might we have. They only scream "show us the money! Immediately! There's no time to consider, think or even question the issue!" Well, I put forth the old maxim that served our forefathers pretty well. And that is, sleep on it. Consider the options. Act with expediency, if expediency is needed, but don't simply throw up your hands, open your checkbook and commit our children's legacies to one of enslavement to the financial industry for the sake of protecting a small group of VERY FAT CATS who stand to walk out the door of failed credit houses with millions in easily-earned cash without so much as a "Thanks" to the American public, who'll foot the bill when this bailout goes bellyup. And make no mistake. This bailout is a ruse, a sham, another brought-to-you-by-Dubya escapade that will FAIL to achieve its stated purpose, and will only enrich the criminally negligent CEOs who've created this economic disaster in the first place. Who worries about Islamic terrorist when we've got the most corrupt, powerful scumbags in the world leading the nation?
But I digress. Of course, Congress will pass this enormous ripoff and many will grumble and snort about it, but most will hunker down and babble on about "our way of life" never for a moment understanding what "our way of life" means in the first place. How many congressional members know what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck? How many congressional "leaders" have a clue what it means to pass on medical care because you cannot afford the huge bill that accompanies that care? I submit to you NONE of them knows what "our way of life" really is.
Have a nice day. :)