Monday, May 24, 2004

Went to see "Troy" just to get out of these Bush-meister blues!

I went to see the film "Troy" today and I give it a B+. It was too long and the fight scenes weren't as well choreographed as they might have been, but Brad Pitt as Achilles, and the actor (?) who played Hector were mesmerizing! And Peter O'Toole, although sparsely-used, was wonderful, particularly in one scene between he and Pitt late in the film. I wouldn't recommend spending $8 on this flick but I would heartily recommend catching it at a matinee time - it's definitely worth $4.50 - $5.

And that's that.

Bush addressed the war college today and made what, for him, was an eloquent speech. I don't who actually wrote the address, but it was the best thing he's EVER delivered far as I'm concerned. Nevertheless, the Iraq situation is a mess, will remain a mess, and never had to happen. I just don't get why so many Americans supported the damn war in the first place.


That's it. I'm done for now. All the best to all. Adieu.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Dog tired and aching all over. My bones creak and my shoulders feel like iron rods stacked one atop the other. Oy!

Yea, It's my Tuesday (it's Wednesday) and I'm already baked, flaked and burnt to the core. Ouch, damn spot.

My baby tells me to wait till 10:30 p.m. to call her back, so I'm dutifully waiting a while until the time comes ....

Man, my schedule this week is so screwed up it's taxing my soul! I have to go in at 10 a.m. Friday – a horrible prospect from my point of view – in order to learn a bit from the lady who usually lays out the Vista section of the newspaper. We, of course, use a combination of in-house copy and photos, as well as wire copy, etc. But Vista does things differently than we, used to doing things the 'news' way, have been doing things. Fortunately, I'm a quick study, so long as I take copious notes.

Oooooh, man. My back is hurt area! A disaster zone, for sure! I should apply for federal aid, don't ya think?

Clearly, I"m rambling mindlessly here, so I won't take up any more of your precious time. Just thought I'd drop a few lines on the old 'Moblog' page. I like the new look and feel of the Blogger site. You folks who facilitate Blogger have done a superb job and I, for one, salute you! Thanks! Buenos noches.