Monday, August 01, 2005

I seem unable to express my own feelings in the face of this GOP-led madness called Iraq

The loss of civil rights that occurred as a result of the Patriot Act appears not to have upset most of the American electorate, suggesting to me that apathy and fear have replaced considered mindfulness.

I think that America is doomed to collapse in a spasm of self-loathing, greed, fear and paranoia given the current path that we the people have allowed the president and the Congress to forge.

We live in a country governed by innuendo, secrecy and repression -- and we're supposed to be teaching the world about freedom? My god, are the people really so blind and dumb? Has the GOP finally managed to ensconce McCarthyism within the republic more than 50 years after that sickness plagued our country?

When your children disappear in the night and you don't know if it's your government that took them, or some lunatic, perhaps then people will begin to ask what is going on. I don't know.