Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Lunacy, laughter, long life, love

the world is a crazy place inside the human bubble. Outside the manmade bubble, life goes on in all its grisly, brutal, beautiful, graceful unfolding.
Wild critters could care less about humans, so long as we leave them alone.
Domesticated critters, of course, depend on we bipedal freaks of nature to provide them everything they need to sustain life.
I look at the myriad "issues" being discussed on news media, and it's clear that nothing changes so long as the human condition remains stagnant. And stagnant is what I mean.
We do not learn from history. We do not learn from cataclysm - just look at the Republican presidential campaign and explain to me how Donald Trump is the best candidate for president of the United States of America. What mad scientist cooked up this character, with his odd hair, foul mouth, and careless rants that hurt people in tangible ways across the globe.
Baffling in one respect. Perfect symmetry from another point of view.
We are all one step up from monkeys (clearly), therefore we like our leaders loud, rude, violent, and thick-skinned. Trump's blather makes the electorate that loves him feel "safe," "right," "righteous" and "smug," all really praiseworthy qualities, for a monkey, eh?
The world is a crazy place for human beings. We lock each other in cages; we kill each other for no reason other than anger, impulse, and self-centeredness. There is no justice in the land of the free.
There is money and lawyers and those who have more of both need not worry, unless you really commit some faux pas beyond the pale - essentially, if you get caught doing something illegal, well, that's a problem. Get caught doing something that makes the legal bureaucracy look bad, and you'll be spending lots of that money on lawyers. But the odds are you won't spend time behind bars.
Meanwhile, down in the streets, thousands are jailed everyday, maintaining the status quo of profit per unit. Each "unit" (read "prisoner") pays x-amount of cash annually and the profit is figured into the equation before the prison is even built.
The world is a crazy place for human beings. But if you're reading this, it's likely that you ARE a human. Given that fact - well, I guess you're f*#$@!, unless you're one of the "lucky" ones, born to the golden river that flows past the platinum castles in the Valley of Power and Rule.
God (are you there?), bless us all.
I realize that's a tall order (I mean request), but you can do it - CAN'T YOU?
Or am I, once again, talking to the walls, the ceiling, the floor, the door, myself?
Maybe it's the same thing.


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