Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Just want to say "thanks" to President Obama

Thank you, Mr. President, for being courageous enough to take on the HUGE interests arrayed against ANY KIND of national healthcare program, even one that holds promise for MOST interests in the long run. Thank you for fighting to pass the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, instead of fighting for higher approval ratings.
The law is not perfect, not by a long shot!
But it is, for me, an affirmation and an indication that public servants, yes, even federal public servants, can act in the interest of the people and the nation, and LEAD without being consumed by self-serving, partisan political motives.
I hope that the law begins a process that reshapes our national healthcare system into one that effectively serves people, and continues to excel in the exploration of complex medical issues.
Mostly, I hope that the medical care law reigns in the crazy profiteering by BIG INSURANCE and some pharmaceutical manufacturers, and allows both over-burdened healthcare consumers and over-burdened hospitals regain some stability and, yes, some hope that we can provide healthcare to people who need it, without trashing our medical system and without crushing the lives and hopes of millions of patients and families.
I'm all for profitability. But when it comes to saving lives, it seems to me that there should be a higher motive than money, a deeper commitment than greed and the bottom line, and a purer hope than that of an ever-climbing quarterly statement.
At the very least, Mr. President, you've again reminded us that humanity is more important than corporations, and that, doomsayers be damned, it's better to do something than do nothing. And sometimes we have to take chances to keep a vision for a better world alive, no matter what the risk.
If people only did the safe thing, the "sure" thing, we humans would have gone extinct 100,000 years ago.
So thank you, sir.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

To my children grown

What is there to say when it has been years since we've laid eyes upon one another?
What is there to do when the clock keeps ticking forward - never backward - and the muteness inside the space between us reigns supreme?
I, too, came from a broken family, a divorced mother and father, and a screwy world to run through, so I have a sense of what you might feel, what you may have been through, what your "evil" twin must have said between your ears in those dark moments when your heart was breaking and your confusion choked the life right of your body.
I'm betting you are strong and filled with light, now. I'm betting that those damaging lies we tell ourselves to explain away the pain have had their instant of command, and have slipped beneath the seas of your true "self," leaving you peace and confident serenity to hold you up when the going gets tough.
I'm betting you are yourself, and that's the best one can hope to be, truly!
No matter what, I love you.
No matter the distance, the silence, the absence - I love you.
And when I'm finally gone and your questions about me remain unanswered, that curiosity will drive you to become a better person, a better parent, a better human being than I was.
Every moment I had, I loved you. Every moment I lived, I loved you. And every pain-filled tear that watered the garden of my grief, let me know that you would be strong.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

121212 Concert - Magical music!

Holy smokes! Just listened to Eric Clapton play a beautiful rendition of "Crossroads!" His licks just get better and slicker with time's passing. And his band, a kickin drummer and a funky, deep rumbling bass player, kept the string of pearls dripping like cool, clear, water.
Sometimes an event occurs that arouses the soul of the world and connects with the widest range of people from all backgrounds, bringing us all  together in a dream-dance. This 121212 concert is just such an event.
Musicians and celebrities making themselves available to the masses for merry-making and booty shakin!
Very cool. Very warm and fuzzy, too.
To whom it may concern - the people who produced, networked, hustled and sweated to put this thing together - Thank You. It's a good thing.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nothing to say

Hot Summer Wanderings

Freedom to watch life from the balcony

Monday, January 09, 2012

'Bama buries LSU in upset for bookies nationwide!

Wow, what a performance the Alabama Crimson Tide turned in tonight against its nemesis, No.1-ranked LSU! Must have been a satisfying feeling for the Tide, especially since the defense skunked LSU's vaunted "high-powered" offense. The Tide's defense produced the first shutout in BCS bowl history! And yet, it was predictable! 
Too much pre-game hype was laid on the LSU players and as the clock wound toward this night's battle, and with the national title on the line, it was just too much for the LSU players to handle. At least that's my opinion. Of course, Alabama's teamwork was impeccable (one penalty the whole game – amazing!!!) The defensive play calls were spot-on, and the offensive strategy, though not exactly exciting, was efficient and, for the most part, effective. Well, maybe not so much effective as adequate.  It was a field-goal seminar until late in the fourth quarter, when 'Bama's Trent Richardson ripped a touchdown run out of LSU's lackluster defense's heart to put the final nail in the Louisiana team's coffin.
Congratulation Alabama's Crimson Tide. You earned that title fair and square!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Procrastination is plaguing me these days. I'm facing my last semester on an associate's degree track and I cannot get my brain to engage with the work. I usually love to explore and learn new things, but this past month has been a drag in that department. I'm distracted and feeling somewhat depressed (I recognize the symptoms), though not so much as to cause alarm. But it's bugging me that I'm unable to find the energy or the drive to tackle the studies that I should be focused on, especially since this semester is my last shot at whatever GPA improvement I'd hoped to obtain at the beginning of the semester.
I'm struggling to stay in the here and now, but I"m drifting into the future and the past and it's draining my "juice" to the point of exhaustion!
And when I simply let go, I don't find the center that I'm used to finding blazing directly in front of my in-between eyes.
Foggy, that's the feeling and the perception. Foggy. And I don't like it right now. Any other time, I might enjoy foggy. But it's definitely out of place in this time and space.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Such a shame that we've allowed dipwads like Alan Greenspan to ruin the American economy. And the GOP, shamelessly, is still pushing the notion that deregulation of the stock market and banking interests in this country should be unfettered and unregulated, despite the horrible state of our economy today – a direct result of deregulation and greed on a gargantuan scale. And that greed was fueled by Greenspan and his ilk, the economists who saw an opportunity to make a few billion dollars for themselves, while implementing deregulation to the point of absurdity, allowing crooks, swindlers and outright con men to benefit from the public's gullibility and stupidity in following the crowing Republicans who reveled in their power to push the government over a cliff, along with "we the people."