Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Red is the color of my true love's eyes in the morning ...

Man! My blog site is giving me fits. Every time I try to login I have to go through this process of retrieving or creating a new password and it's a time-consuming drag!

Now I realize that it's a free service (thank you very much) but damn, one would think that the password would be locked in once its been established. But noooooooo. No such luck! In fact, in the past two weeks I've had no less than five passwords. I wonder what's up with that?

Anywho, I'm too late to mess about right now. I wanted to comment on Dr. Dean's departure from the Democratic primary race but I've got to hustle to the video store before I wind up with another late fee (they're killing me with late fees!).

So I bid you fondeu and farewell. Blahblahblah. Amen.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

No mo' momentum, says Dean

It appears that Howard Dean's campaign has run its course and fallen short of the finish line. Too bad too, because Dean brought a lot of excitement to the Democratic Party and to the disaffected, disinterested voters who've felt disenfranchised for at least the last four presidential runs. We'll hate to see you go, Mr. Dean. And thanks for the gritty, risk-taking stand you made - for a while.

How Kerry will fair against the president is anybody's guess, but I'm not exactly thrilled at the prospect. Kerry, though he seems an honorable, strong individual, is a senator, one negative against him that will be used against him by the GOP, guaranteed. His voting record does not put him in good standing with those disaffected voters who're always on the fence until it's time to cast their ballot. Already the GOP has Kerry looking like a two-faced, money hound with the revelation that he's received more PAC/special interest money than any other senator. Stack the fact that he's vacillated on Iraq (opposed war in '91, voted for it in '01) on top of that and one can easily see what the Republican strategy will be to undermine Kerry. Forget about a clean race based on the issues and facts. It's going to be a nasty, dirty campaign and I'm betting both candidates will come out the other side brutalized and bloody. But given that Bush has the national pulpit and he's launched the nation on the path of war, it will be tough for the electorate to change generals in the middle of a fight.

That's my take.