Monday, May 08, 2006

Earth rotation
Anime is fast-becoming my favorite medium for visual stimulation. While live-action acting still rules the roost, I find more and more my taste running toward full-length Japanese anime. "Cowboy Beebop," "Full Metal Alchemist," "Ghost in the Shell" are favorites of mine. I even went so far as to purchase Vol. 7 of "Ghost" from Amazon. I didn't realize it but the package included a T-shirt with the anime's logo on the front. No biggie but it is a nice T-shirt!
I'm on the tailend of a 10-day break from work and I don't feel like I've recharged my batteries at all, even though I've been getting a bit more sleep than usual. I'm getting old, I think, and that accounts for this lethargy that seems to blanket my senses most days. Bummer!
So how do you like the way things are going in the world today? Have you thought about your place in this ship of fools? Have you thought at all?
I'm catching up on "The Sopranos" since my buddy, Danny, bought all five seasons a few days ago. I've watched all of seasons one and two and began season three tonight. It's mesmerizing stuff! I even lived in New Jersey for a short period of time. I lived in Blackwood, which has since changed its name to something else, but it's over the G.W. bridge and about 50 miles west of Philadelphia en route to Atlantic City. Very beautiful countryside, believe it or not. Lots of oak, elm, spruce and various evergreen trees as well as lakes and streams. In fact, New Jersey is one of the prettiest states in the union once you get into the rural zones.

Yea, pleasant memories (mostly) of New Jersey. The boardwalk in Atlantic City was old and mouldy when I visited as a kid, but understand it's been updated and revamped completely. I'll have to get back there someday (I hope).
At any rate, time to go. My dear friend had a rough day and I want to be with her in case she needs a bon-bon or a glass of O.J. or even a neck massage.
Ain't love grand?

GOP catch-phrases are getting OLD!
The buzz-words and catch-phrases used by Limbaugh, Hannity and the rest of the Republican cheerleadng radio-squad is so stale and repetitive, jeez, you'd think they could come up with something, anything fresh in six years.
But everyday it's the same old sowing doubt and fear and attacking the messengers (the "liberal" media) whenever the message doesn't suit the GOP agenda. At least with Dems, there's a little less hyperbole and subterfuge, at least as it concerns the media and the effort put forth by most reporters to produce factual information.
Every time a reporter writes an article that is unsympathetic to the Rumsfeld, Dubya and Cheney cabal, that reporter is immediately attacked and labeled with the "liberal, whacko, left-wing" monikers the GOP parrots like to squawk into the airwaves every day.
Have you noticed that the GOP camp followers never argue the issue, whatever the issue du jour? They resort to attacking the person who raises a question or a point and never put out any insight as to their personal vision. It's always the party line with the GOP.
Very little imagination or creativity with that bunch. It's as though they haven't one thinking, logical individual in their camp.
The basic dim-wittedness of the rote blather these guys spew is, as mentioned, so OLD and transparently phony and illogical that it's absurd anyone believes it anymore. But I suppose it's true what Lincoln or Franklin (whomever) said (and I apologize in advance for the possible misquote): "You can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time; but you can't fool all the people all the time," or something to that effect. But we Americans seem to have a tin ear when it comes truth. We seem to have a huge blind spot when it comes to loyalty – whether that's to political party, friends or alma mater, whatever.
Here's hoping the Dems gain ground in '06, if no other reason than some fresh bulls%#!.
And that's that.