Saturday, December 13, 2014

A long time since I posted on Moblog909.

My how the time flies. Flies and flies
out past the horizon and into the boundless clouds.
A feast of pigeons floats above, teasing and tantalizing the red-tailed hawk, which creaches and screams and circles confidently, knowing it will soon sink its claws into the fat body of a grayish-purple pigeon. That curved, razor-sharp beak will soon crunch through the breast bone and muscle of the pigeon's beating heart, and the life that spills from that bird's blood will sustain the hawk another day or two.
Changes keep evolving, mutating, mutilating and distorting time and space, and my body seems to slow to a stillness that defies belief, but which demands acceptance, despite the masquerade, as steady, relentless motion.
Who can say what reality is? Truly? What fabric, light, aroma, sensation comprises reality in this moment without you?
Where you are is not where we all are at this moment, so what now?
Can you reach out across the void and sink the putt, hit the shot, nail the field goal, speak the truth?
No. You cannot!
But you can try, so please do. It makes for an amusing moment outside time and space, and it might relieve the heartburn that God feels this very instant. Who knows?
Indeed! Who knows?
Life is a pliable, mid-spilling bouillabaisse that never quite reaches the floor.
The goons act tough, and the killers don't talk, and the madmen strike out at the delusions and nightmares that haunt their broken souls.
If you happen to be on the "stage" when the lunatic finally snaps, well, whatever happens remember, it's not his fault, he's crazy. Use the opportunity to hone your craft, practice your lines, push your imagination into corners of perception that you've never before perceived.
Maybe you'll survive.
Who knows?
And the paint that covers the pain drips from my fingers, dappling the concrete floor with rose, green, purple and black.
That's Friday night in Texas, folks. That's the unsettled unraveled day moving into night beneath a cloudy sky.
I say to you all - good luck, good life, good love, and goodnight.


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