Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Procrastination is plaguing me these days. I'm facing my last semester on an associate's degree track and I cannot get my brain to engage with the work. I usually love to explore and learn new things, but this past month has been a drag in that department. I'm distracted and feeling somewhat depressed (I recognize the symptoms), though not so much as to cause alarm. But it's bugging me that I'm unable to find the energy or the drive to tackle the studies that I should be focused on, especially since this semester is my last shot at whatever GPA improvement I'd hoped to obtain at the beginning of the semester.
I'm struggling to stay in the here and now, but I"m drifting into the future and the past and it's draining my "juice" to the point of exhaustion!
And when I simply let go, I don't find the center that I'm used to finding blazing directly in front of my in-between eyes.
Foggy, that's the feeling and the perception. Foggy. And I don't like it right now. Any other time, I might enjoy foggy. But it's definitely out of place in this time and space.


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