Sunday, August 30, 2009

Interesting how Rush Limbaugh designs his attacks on the Democratic Party and its members.
His simple-minded technique of shoveling as much rhetorical crap as he's capable of spewing in his radio time slot and chortling up his sleeve at the "sheep" who call themselves "ditto-heads" as they lap it up with both fists. Ummm-ummm, GOOD CRAP! Slurp.
This morning, the Fat One babbled for 10 minutes about Obama's eating fancy food that taxpayers pay for. He railed about Obama flying on a big, luxurious jet (Air Force One), and about the president living in luxury at the White House while sending his children to high-class private schools, instead of public schools (where, no doubt, a phalanx of Secret Service agents would struggle to protect them). Limbaugh exudes negativity like average people exude unpleasant aromas when they fart.
The Bloated One relishes every opportunity to say something nasty about ANY Liberal and ANY Democrat, especially the president.
Limbaugh's vitriol, of course, sets the tune for the rest of HIS MINIONS, (Hannity, Ramsey, O'Reilly, et al), hence, the day's right-wing radio hosts echo, in most cases, word for word, Limbaugh's dark, ugly reflections on ... well, I suppose, on his own inner being.
I find it hypocritical that the Bloated One defends the Republican president's RIGHT to fly on Air Force One, live in luxury at the White House and eat fancy food at the taxpayer's expense, even as he threw thousands of American lives into harm's way in pursuit of a policy that reversed America's historically established role in the world – that of peacekeeper – and relabeled America a belligerent nation in the world's eyes.
How reasonable the Obnoxious One becomes when the GOP holds the reins of federal government power. For the Bloated One, "One nation under God" seems to mean one nation under GOP rule.
But now that we have our first black president AND he's a Democrat, well, far as the Bloated One is concerned, all things federal are an abuse of American's rights. The thinly veiled pseudo-intellectualism that is Limbaugh would be laughable were it not for the fact that he's allowed to puke his negative drivel on our radio airwaves every day. And by the way, Bloated One, do YOU live like the average American? Do you smoke tacky, cheap cigars, or is yours a more refined palate, eh? Do you eat food from a can, like most of us do? Not bloody likely. And far as raising children, I'm certain that you're not qualified to comment on any aspect of that lifelong commitment, let alone posit an opinion on the "correct" way to raise a child.


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