Sunday, October 29, 2006

The latest spate of GOP ads around the nation are about the sleaziest I've seen in my lifetime! The fact that the GOP is sanctioning such slimy ads suggest to me that the party is feeling the heat of Iraq licking its fanny.
And while Senor Bush wants Americans to continue to follow his stay-the-course rhetoric, which has never enunciated a REAL plan for American strategy in Iraq, the civil war in that beleaguered nation continues to gain momentum.
It's ridiculous that our nation is being held hostage by iraqi leaders who're distancing themselves from America so as to cultivate a deal with terrorists factions in that part of the world, all the while enriching themselves on the ocean of cash the administration is all too happy to throw into the pot over there. I just don't get it.
Why are we so gullible? What brought us to this intersection in our nation's history?
Why do we think that we must allow this protracted bloodbath in Iraq to continue -- because if we don't "they'll be fighting in the streets over here?" You're kidding, right? That's possibly the lamest argument I've ever heard for continuing to waste lives and money on a losing proposition.
Ah well. What is true is that the GOP has put us all in a deep pot of crap and it's going to take some very insightful people to maneuver us out of the horrendous mess this administration -- and the GOP -- has put us all into.


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