Thursday, October 05, 2006

I just love the way the GOP spin doctors are handling the Mark Foley scandal. Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh laid down the gauntlet, so to speak, and put his finger on the pulse of the real problem with the Foley fiasco. It's the Democrats!
Yea, Foley is a despicable child predator who abused his status and power and shamed the House of Representatives, but if it weren't for the Democrats, the whole scandal wounldn't have happened. That's Limbaugh logic at its best! And, of course, every GOP cheerleader on the radio and television picked up the refrain. It's those dirty, low-down Democrats who caused the problem. Not poor Mark Foley. Jeez, the guy has a family and good job and for those dirty liberals to publicize the fact that he was carrying on an elicit, shabby, scurrilous affair with the House pages is just too darn low for words. Yea, those Democrats (everybody knows that ABC is controlled by the Dems!) ruined a good man. And they purposely waited to release the story just weeks before the mid-term elections. Those bastards! Yea, Foley says he is an alcoholic and quite possibly a menace to young boys everywhere, but hey, everybody has a few dark secrets, yea?
But those Dems, now that's REAL EVIL! Anyone with the eyes to see and the brains to think will see right through their wicked plan to disgrace poor Mr. Foley and the GOP when, truth is, hey, we all screw around with little boys from time to time. Right?
Yea, LImbaugh. Keep on flapping your lips about how the Democrats evil plan to "out" Mark Foley is the true wickedness in this whole affair. And if it weren't for Democrats, Foley probably would never have written those suggestive, lewd chat messages to the pages. He probably wouldn't have gotten drooling drunk and staggered around in front of the pages' dormitory beseeching any young boy to come out and play. And Dennis Hastert wouldn't have had to cover up that little incident. Poor Hastert. Yea, he knew about Foley more than a year ago, but hey, he's a true blue Republican to the core. He did what every good Republican would have done. He hushed up the facts, hid the truth and painted Foley as the soul of Christianity. And now those nasty Dems are making Hastert answer all sorts of questions about his ability to lead the House. Poor Mr. Hastert can barely string a full sentence together and all those reporters (all working for the Democrats -- really, it's true!) keep asking him why he didn't do something to stop Foley from advancing his boy-lust on the House pages. How rude! Really! So remember folks, even though Foley may disgust you, it's the Democrats who're to blame. If it weren't for the Dems you would never have learned about Foley. So put the blame where it belongs, OK.


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