Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sometimes life becomes a tiresome drudgery that seems to crush my soul. When that moment imposes upon my mind, I have learned to allow myself to drift aimlessly through an imaginary island of sweet, colorful, timelessness, where ocean waves roll onto the white sands with a rhythm that soothes me, and the laughter of unseen children tinkles through the banana trees and the swaying, tall palms, and my thoughts melt away on the soft, cool breeze.
On occasion, I simply let go of everything, let it loose and let it fall away. And once that's done, I can feel the thrill of universal energy pulsing inside my blood, sending silent messages to my heart, and pinwheels of visions through my brain.
That old hippy maxim, "go with the flow" is actually a gem of wisdom if taken in the right spirit.
The soul-sucking world is just waiting to take you down and eat your bones with robust, sharpened teeth.
And if you're not prepared to do whatever it takes to avoid such a loathesome fate, then you'll certainly waste away.



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