Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's a rainy, gray -- no, wait. It's a sunny, blue-sky day, hooray! Things change. That's the rule of living in this galaxy. There's no way around that simple fact, although many try to push through to another "reality," but it's just an exercise in futility, if you ask me.
Georgia, now that's a nice font. I've never tried it before today but I think I'll make note of it for further exploration.
The rumblings on the "right" are getting so raucously idiotic it's frightening. Who are these people who advocate for anything that's not LIBERAL (whatever that means)?
What kind of mind seeks to denigrate, tear apart and destroy ideas, thoughts and personal convictions? I wonder, sometimes, if Americans are going nutz; seemingly unable to cope with the available information streams that are open and freely accessible, we seem to want to turn back the clock to the days when horse and carriage was the "uptown" mode of travel.
When I say "we," make no mistake, I'm not among the 'We' of whom I speak. The pro-gun, pro-death, pro-rich, pro-war, pro-capitalism-at-all-cost folks who're fixated on one thing and one thing only – resurrecting Ronald Reagan – have all gone bonkers, if you ask me.
Reagan was a nice old man with mental problems who happened to find himself elevated to the office of the presidency and, for the most part, seemed to believe he was in a Death Valley episode for most of his tenure. Still selling Borax powder somewhere in the ether, I suspect.


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