Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just completed the run from Lubbock to Fort Worth and back again. Whew! That's a long time in the "saddle" and, therefore, my butt hurts (along with my spine, my liver, my shoulders and my head). This monthly trip eastward can be a terribly wearing experience. At the same time, I enjoy long journeys, especially when they're taken on days like today, blue skies, easy breeze and gentle temperature. THAT was great!
But I'll be feeling it tomorrow, that's for sure.
I'm at an odd place in my evolutionary path these days. I'm mostly baffled by the circumstances that I find myself enmeshed within, but I also like to challenge my sense of possibilities, my capacity to change and grow, and I am doing exactly that, it's true. But it's rough going, no doubt about it. And I'm unsure about the outcome, at this juncture. I could crash and burn (disaster) or I may find my "rudder" and pull out of this tailspin I'm in, leveling out just before I slam into the earth. But the issue, as the saying go, remains in doubt.
This Facebook phenomena is kind of cool, although I really don't have the time to give it much true focused consideration. Mostly I just splatter out a few thoughts and relay them to whomever I'm answering or questioning and let it go. But I like the idea of networking with folks (both known and unknown) so long as it's kept on the up-and-up, mutually respectful and all that.
I have classes tomorrow, so I'm bound to file a short notation here. Just wanted to answer the impulse to update this blog, and did.
Happy Thanksgiving, to all.



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