Monday, January 09, 2012

'Bama buries LSU in upset for bookies nationwide!

Wow, what a performance the Alabama Crimson Tide turned in tonight against its nemesis, No.1-ranked LSU! Must have been a satisfying feeling for the Tide, especially since the defense skunked LSU's vaunted "high-powered" offense. The Tide's defense produced the first shutout in BCS bowl history! And yet, it was predictable! 
Too much pre-game hype was laid on the LSU players and as the clock wound toward this night's battle, and with the national title on the line, it was just too much for the LSU players to handle. At least that's my opinion. Of course, Alabama's teamwork was impeccable (one penalty the whole game – amazing!!!) The defensive play calls were spot-on, and the offensive strategy, though not exactly exciting, was efficient and, for the most part, effective. Well, maybe not so much effective as adequate.  It was a field-goal seminar until late in the fourth quarter, when 'Bama's Trent Richardson ripped a touchdown run out of LSU's lackluster defense's heart to put the final nail in the Louisiana team's coffin.
Congratulation Alabama's Crimson Tide. You earned that title fair and square!


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