Monday, January 23, 2006

I never thought I'd see the day when the United States of America would be accused of commiting crimes against humanity. but today in New York an international commission will look into a series of charges that the Bush administration committed war crimes and crimes against humanity. God, what a strange turn of the screw for our nation!
On the agenda to testify: former head of Abu Ghraib prison Brig. Gen. Jancie Karpinsky, former British ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray and former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter.
Now I know that the GOP machine will try to discredit all of these people and anyone else who suggests that the president or the administration has done anything wrong anywhere in the world - through ad hominum attacks and character assassination (a fine art among GOP operatives). But how many people can the administration dismiss out of hand before the public begins to realize there's a pattern of abuse with this bunch?
How many times can Bush and his cronies get away with lies to the American people?
I don't know if the charges are true or not; I don't claim to have any facts to support those allegations. But I do find that this administration has so much smoke pouring through its "windows" that it's hard to believe that no flames are involved.
God almighty! The nation that became the beacon of humanity and exemplary moral behavior during warfare (WWII) has now been smeared with the ugly brush of war crimes. Hard to swallow? Absolutely. Hard to believe? I'm sorry to say, no.
Using barbaric acts against our citizens to justify barbaric acts against others (including our citizens) reduces our leadership to one of tyranny through terror.