Thursday, January 22, 2015

Another media-gone-rabid waste of time!

Did Tom Brady cheat by releasing air from the footballs during the conference title game?
Did the NFL slip someone into the locker room (or wherever the game footballs are stored before the game) who surreptitiously bled air from the footballs to set up the Patriots so they would be plagued by a two-week media-fueled hell ride before the Super Bowl? Perhaps the intent was to distract the Pats so much that they fail to fine-tune their game plan for the Seahawks?
Maybe the Seahawks had someone in the stands who had the diabolically clever plan of letting air out of the game footballs, thereby besmirching the Patriots win against the Colts?
Maybe aliens from Zeta Ridicula traveled billions of miles and hundreds of light years to sabotage the footballs at the AFC title game, thinking it would make a good joke.
Why not. Any scenario is plausible at this point, at least according the ever-enterprising and wise media crews who cover the NFL.
It's a kind of cock-and-bull story that petty, amateurish media hordes try to sell every week, because most of the hapless reporters haven't a clue about how to craft a good, worthwhile story, or piece together a bit of actual journalism.
Of course it stands to reason that Tom Brady and the whole Patriots franchise would jeopardize their win against the Colts by performing an idiotic stunt like letting air out of the game footballs. That's just the kind of behavior that winners embrace, right?
And of course, the rush to judgment by many in the media is justified because the Pats were caught video recording opponents' practices some years ago, so cheating is in their DNA - right?
Do you seriously think that the Pats were intimidated by the Colts and, therefore, felt compelled to squeeze a few ounces of air out of the game footballs?
If so, then please call me ASAP. I have a golden-egg-laying hen for sale.
Do you truly believe that Brady needed a theoretical edge in order to feel comfortable about playing in another (his 6th?) AFC championship game against an inferior team?
To the sports media mavens who are prancing with delight and pillorying the Pats for an unproven assertion (where did this story come from anyway???) and one which, on its face, is absurd, I say take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself if you're in the right business?
The conduct that many of the reporters and talking heads are displaying with regard to this non-story is a slap in the face to any sports writer/announcer/analyst who respects the game, the players, and not least of all, journalism.
The circus might be a better fit for you fools who have been strangling this rubber chicken for the past week. You certainly don't belong in a newsroom or sports studio!
Go flog your sad, self-serving delusions in private, please. And please allow those reporters who recognize the difference between news and malicious gossip to report the NEWS.
Nonetheless, thanks for your buffoonery!
Now go home and give yourself a spanking.


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