Monday, August 18, 2003

I shudder to think that U.S. troops are killing journalists for sport, but what other conclusion can one draw after the killing of Mazen Dana, the Reuters cameraman killed by an American soldier who shot him in the chest on a clear, sunny day outside a prison in Iraq. Of course, warfare stretches warriors to the limit of their abilities to cope with the constant threat of death or injury, but why was one soldier so quick to fire given the circumstances? According to many reports, a pack of journalists were gathered at the prison and several were on the promontory near Dana's position when the shots were fired.

Phrases like 'trigger-happy' and 'quick to shoot' are too often appearing in the reports from Iraq and I'm beginning to think that some of these 'tragic' shootings are individual soldier's venting anger, fear, frustration, whatever. My sympathies go out to the journalist's family, and I hope that a REAL investigation is conducted.


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