Saturday, July 19, 2003

Credibility? What credibility? "What we have here is a failure to communicate." Bush's crediblity is based solely on the fact that 9/11 opened the door for carte blanche actions unprecedented in our history as a nation.

Never has the United States government enjoyed so much unilateral freedom to probe individuals, businesses, corporations and nations than it enjoys today. And because of a terrible tragedy perpetrated by a man whom we seem unable to find - I still question why that is given our intelligence apparatus and the linkages with European intelligence agencies worldwide - Bush '43 was given imperialistic powers without so much as a murmur of doubt from the media, let alone the voting public. Lift the veil thrown over our collective eyes by the images of jets flying into the World Trade Center buildings and the ensuing collapse of those fantastic towers, and one can readily see that things are going wrong. Bush and his cronies - Wolfowitz, Cheney and Condie Rice primarily - are pulling off the biggest coup since the republic sprang from the Revolutionary War.

Unlike that war, however, Bush's agenda is not one that leads to freedom and democracy and a share of the dream that is America. No, his agenda leads to a quasi-dictatorship cloaked by our flag and backed by the military industrial complex (does that phrase ring a bell?).

And now that we've effectively claimed Iraq as our 51st state, and don't fool yourself, we'll be in Iraq 50 years from now if Bush's imaginings are pursued to their obvious conclusion, we're going to have to bear the deaths of hundreds of soldiers each month, with a consistently rising casualty rate. And the financial cost, about $4 billion per month now, is going to spiral outward to infinity if we're to see Bush's goal of creating a democracy in the Middle East realized. The whole scenario rouses nightmares for me, and I'm not alone.

So hold on to your hats and grab a parachute quickly because we're on a flight through rough weather and it's just begun!

Where is the press? Well, apparently all the reporters who have any integrity, curiousity and backbone have relocated to Britain because the American press is certainly not doing even a half-ass job of covering the goings-on inside The Beltway. But keep your eyes open and your head low and watch as the truth trickles ever-so-slowly into the arena of public opinion. You do remember that place don't you?


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