Friday, July 18, 2003

Green, which represents the renewal of the planet and its component parts, e.g. air, water, dirt, stone, et al. Don't ask me what I'm getting at here because I haven't a clue. It's just that I haven't posted anything on this particular blog for a while and thought, "it's time to post something to this blog." Exciting stuff eh?

I wonder how well Appleworks 6.2 works for creating Web pages - anyone have info on that point? If you've created a Web page using Appleworks please e-mail me with a few details and/or tips for doing it right, K?

You can reach me at, but please don't send me any worms, viruses or other hacker pranks, PLEASE.

Meantime, I cannot figure out how one balances one's girlfriend's wants/needs with one's girlfriend's parent's wants/needs. Especially when one is caught in the middle of a disagreement and one would prefer to disappear at that moment but one is unable to perform that Hollywood feat.

So, that about does it for now since the clock is ticking and I told said girlfriend I would call at 2 p.m. (it's 2:10 p.m. ...).

I'll be working late tonight and, likely, tomorrow night as well. So think not ill of me. Nay. Rather think fragrant and uplifting thoughts when referencing my person, OK.

And don't worry about the Bush/Blair fiasco vis a vis Iraq and all that weapons of mass destruction stuff. It will all be smoothly swept under the rug soon as a sacrificial lamb is slaughtered - which should be very soon, indeed!

Meantime, have a good weekend, whatever 'good' means to you. And to my friend Mike (whol's expecting a baby next month), "Hi amigo. I trust that all is well and happiness, like a wide, wide river, flows through your household.

Ciao for now.


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