Thursday, May 15, 2003

Too blue 4U It's Thursday night and the moon is peeking out from behind the earth's shadow. Yea, we had a view of the lunar eclipse up here in the Panhandle, though clouds were lurking widely across the skies. I don't get too excited by lunar eclipses since all that happens is the night gets a bit darker. I suppose when the moon reappears it is spectacular, but I'm inside and can't see it now so, eh, so what.
Go San Antonio Spurs! Way to go tonight. Whipping up some big-hurt for the LA Lakers on LA's home turf. I loved it! And to make it a blowout besides is icing on the cake. Bye-bye LA. Is the dynasty over? We'll see. I'd like to see the Spurs go all the way in the NBA this year before "The Admiral" hangs it up and moves on to whatever future life he plans to lead. Yea!
Well, crazy news in the world flowing in from all points and I had to look at most of it, per usual. What's up with the new tongue-splitting craze? That's delirious if you ask me. Really too strange to grok. Why would someone want to mutilate their body anyway? Well, I've heard the riffs about self-realization, rebellion and trying to hack out a niche on the "uniqueness scale," but none of it jibes for me. Just plain idiotic, that's what I think.
And now for a word from our sponsors: "Life is short and none too sweet, so you'd better learn to keep your feet, kill your meat and hoe your row."
My back is hurting loudly right now. Too much sitting on my ass in front of a computer screen tonight, but that's my life.
I was informed I wouldn't receive a raise this year (at work) because I already make more than anyone else on the copy desk except for the lead dog and his second in command. What a lame explanation. Fact is, we just lost a $1.3 million per year account (Dillard's) and the newspaper biz is hurting terribly from cost increases and falling revenues. But we still turn a tidy profit. It's just that most of it lands in the pockets of the "family," meaning the owner and his 20 children and grandchildren. They all live like kings, queens and princes while we foot soldiers dig out worms for dinner and continue to plow the rows in the field, so to speak.
Pisses me off! But there it is. There ain't no justice in this world and I've resolved to accept the fact and stop bemoaning my fate.
Not a lot I can do about ownership anyway, so fuggit.
It's about 11:05 p.m. and I'll be going over to D's in about 20 minutes to see if I can't ease my mind a little while I work on her back muscles. God, it's hot tonight. It feels like it's still about 80 degrees outside and the weather gurus are saying we're in for some violent weather in the next 24, but that's a crapshoot at best.
Speaking of "24," I still love that show. It's got a wide range of imaginative manuevers that keep me enthralled, and the production values are high enough to entertain.
I may actually go see the "The Matrix - Reloaded" this weekend. I hope so. If I have any cash left after paying the wolf pack I definitely will drop a few bucks on a matinee. It looks as good or better than the first, and Ioved that!
That's all, that's it, I'm out.
Have a wonderful weekend if you can. Ciao.


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