Friday, April 25, 2003

Friday means nothing to me ... Yea, that's right. Not a thing. For most of us (I think) Friday is that all-important last day of the workweek. The day when our minds wander to thoughts of sex, inebriation, driving fast pickup trucks or Corvettes or whatever, being 'cool' and making the 'grade.'
Or am I being too trite? Well, fuggit. For me Friday is just another work day so I'm going to bitch about it! There. That's done.

Now I'm not saying we were wrong to attack Iraq and dethrone Saddam Hussein. In fact, just the opposite. There is some sort of moral imperative in taking out a despotic killer, though it smacks of that old "eye for an eye" crap that Christians conveniently pull out of their tiny bag of bagatelles when challenged about the morality of war. So we're agreed, right? War is moral if it's conducted for the sake of saving many more people from horrible suffering than would bear that burden if we didn't attack. Or are we just making this stuff up as we go. I know, for my own point of view, when I'm confused, frightened or lying, I justify my actions with the best argument or lie I can muster at the time.

Now I may fess up and tell the truth - if I happen to recognize it at some point - but when the heat is on, so to speak, and I'm feeling backed into a corner, absolutely! I will lie. I will prevaricate and try to avoid being nailed to the wall of truth simply out of an impulse as deep-seeded as the urge to breath. Must be bad genes (or is it jeans ... ) or something.

I do subscribe to the infinite possibility inherent in our human psyche. The oft found possibility that we may actually have a philosophy we will fight to the death to defend, unless it's proven wrong-headed. Some people actually do have 'high moral standards,' and really do care about humanity. I found the U.N.-appointed general (Canadian) who was roasted for the fiasco in Africa in 1994, you know, the slaughter of between 800,000 and 1 million Tutsis and moderate Hutus in Kigali and surrounding towns and villages. That poor bastard had heart and he paid dearly for that fact. He actually bucked the system and defied the U.N. 'leadership,' and its member nations (the U.S., France and Belgium) by refusing to leave the country when ordered to do so.

No, instead he chose to stay behind and, although he couldn't stop the genocidal killings, document as much of the atrocities as he and his contingent of poorly armed soldiers could verify.

Now it's been nearly 10 full years and the world court - whatever its official title - convened to try the accused masterminds and thugs who designed that little exercise in bloodletting has managed to convict a dozen or so of the same.

I think the figure is one conviction per year, thus far. It appears to me that there is no will to confront evil when it rears its ugly head somewhere in the world. The U.N., if you recall, actually prevented that general from taking preemptive action – he had solid information about weapons caches and plans for mass killings which he passed along to the U.N. leadership in New York – because, as was reported then, the mission was a peacekeeping one, not a military intervention. But this guy couldn't bring himself to walk away from the screams and sounds of bullets, and the sight of limbs being chopped off babies. And the world ignored that atrocity for a long, long time. About 100 days before any action was taken by the U.N.

I think this nation has a lot of bad karma (if you believe in that sort of thing) to work through before we become enlightened. And, as you know, until we're all enlightened, no one can fully reach that desirable state of consciousness.

So try to be enlightened, OK. Quit holding the rest of us back, will ya please. You're pissing me off with your laziness, hesitence and timidity. Get with the program and start building your own personal moral framework. It's just fine to start with a flawed system, most of us do. But you have to struggle to improve that system and make it your own, OK.

That said, I wish you all every happiness – so long as it doesn't involve pain for anyone else.

Have a great and wondrous day my friends and enemies, wherever you may be. And live long and prosper.


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