Sunday, March 23, 2003

Oscar night blahs Ugh! I'm so deflated and uninvolved in my own sloppy life today. It's Oscar night and I'm about as thrilled as a woman giving birth (ouch!). NOT really looking forward to the glamour hounds frolicking across the stage to collect their trophys - those most prized possessions of Hollywood managers. Oh sure, some actors and actresses covet the little statue but most, I think, could care less about the gold-plated sexless man named Oscar. No, it's the managers who get to jack up those salaries and , hence, their own share of the pie-in-the-sky wealth that only an Oscar can bestow upon an actor/actress.
It's the imprimatur of the filthy rich screen god/goddess. Meanwhile, we among the great unwashed bust our butts for pennies per lifetime for the magnificent satisfaction of knowing that we served our nation's need for consumerism and taxable earners. Welcome to the wonder of 'free and easy living,' yea, right.
Well, it's time to go pay my penance for breathing the atmosphere (for what? Damned if I know). By that I simply mean, another wasted night of errands, shopping for the week's groceries, chatting with my friends via IM, ad infinitum, etc.
So best wishes one and all. Good health and happy thoughts :) Catch ya on the go-round.


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