Monday, March 10, 2003

Imagination must first be filled to the point of saturation with life of every kind before the moment arrives when the friction of free sociability electrifies it to such an extent that the most gentle stimulus of friendly or hostile contact elicits from it lightning sparks, luminous flashes, or shattering blows.
Friedrich von Schlegel  
Imagination must be senstive to stimulus in order for it to function at the zenith of its potential. Our president is sadly lacking in imagination and, therefore, sadly unable to imagine what his course of action may lead the world toward. Why should everyone on this planet be subject to the decision of one man? Christ, that's a lot of power! And since the Congress seems to be a bunch of spineless wimps, it happens that at this time in this place and in this moment, the president of the United States - one man - can effect every living being on the planet. With that in mind, do we truly believe that a man who hangs his argument for war against Iraq on supposition and conjecture has the best interest of the U.S., let alone the rest of the world at heart? I wish Mr. Bush well. In fact, I wish him the very best of all worlds in the hope that perhaps he might be stirred to explore his imagination's landscape and see if anything exists inside that space.


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