Sunday, June 22, 2003

Isolationist White House or de facto dictatorship? Several government experts, mainly university types who hold doctorates in political science and government, have used the word isolationism in reference to the Bush administration. I happen to think that, indeed, the new policy in the Oval Office is one of America, right or wrong, just do what we say and you won't be locked up, shot or blown to bits.
The populace seems to be asleep or hypnotized relative to Bush and his transparent lies, obfuscations and manipulations. With evidence mounting that suggests Bush's Iraq war was a fabricated scam designed to make the American public feel good about risking the lives of American soldiers but also to hide the Bushmeister's true goal. But more on that later.
Take a look at what's happening in Britain with Tony Blair. Poor bastard went out on the limb to back Bush and the administration vis a vis the war and now that he's boiling in oil, so to speak, with most the populace attacking him for documents that show he manipulated the facts to fit the need - in this case, of course, the need to provide a plausible reason to get at Saddam and his regime. Bush has said little more than 'it's regrettable that my friend is being second-guessed,' or 'the people of Britain should be proud of Mr. Blair's courage and leadership.' But does he put forth any further proof that all the reasons - save one - for attacking Iraq hold solid? No! Nada! Nothing. Lately Bush is backpedaling anytime he's asked about Iraq and the weapons of mass destruction, or the links to terrorists, or the nuclear program, all three put forth as arguments for war. Blair is hanging in the wind and Bush is dismissive of any doubts about his assertions that Iraq posed a direct threat to the nation. He's dismissive, I believe, because he has nothing to offer by way of proof. The fabrication is unraveling now that we've gotten control of the sand dune that is Iraq. We have complete control and yet, we're unable to unearth a single factual piece of evidence that proves Saddam had 1. An ongoing program to build nuclear weapons; 2. An ongoing biological warfare program; 3. A direct link with al-Qaeda; and 4. Any plans to attack the United States in other countries or on U.S. soil. It's bordering on the absurd, and I'm sick about the fact that the press has little to say about this deadly farce that Bush seems to have managed to pull off. What the hell is the D.C. press corps doing anyway. Are they all so petrified of losing their access credentials that they don't ask that hard questions. Why do they give this pampered, spoiled rich kid a pass when it comes to nefarious, illegal actions. Chist, they raked Clinton over hot coals daily and seemed not to have a moment of reflection when it came to writing about the most salacious nonsense.

A few facts ignored by the right-wing conservative mouthpieces on the radio these days (you know, the Rush Limbaugh clones): 1. Hillary Clinton was investigated to the tune of several millions of dollars worth of digging over a period of 7 years and NO CHARGES were ever filed. Therefore, no trial and no conviction for ANYTHING! 2. Bill Clinton was investigated for White Water, the scandal about the use of Air Force One; numerous sexual charges and several inconsequential allegations, and only one investigation bore fruit, if it can be categorized as such. The Monica Lewinsky case. Yes, after God knows how many millions of dollars the independent investigation spent the best it could come up with was a conviction for perjury. Perjury! Yes, he lied about diddling Monica but how many other politicians who're married with children would have done the same? Perjury hardly rises to the Constitutional requisite for impeachment (read the document OK) The Republican-led investigation spearheaded by that ballooned-headed judge Ken Starr was a vendetta more than a legitimate investigation. And as the years rolled forward, Starr kept adding new avenues to travel in his effort to besmirch Clinton's presidency. Years of effort by hundreds of lawyers, police officials, FBI agents, spies and nefarious persons of every ilk and the best case Starr had was some come on a blue dress and Clinton lying about a sexual piccadillo. Wow. What a revelation. What a waste!
But now we've got a coke-snorting, womanizing drunk (hey, I know it's in his past - supposedly - but all's fair by the Republican rules) in the Oval Office and no one in the media has a passion for examing this president's motives or even questioning his sanity. Something stinks to high heaven here and I don't know what it is, but I pray that it's finally dragged into the light of public sight.
Christ, it's almost like Gunter Grass' novel "The Sheep Look Up" is coming true. We've become a nation of potential Nazis! Just check your history about Hitler's rise to power and you'll understand where I'm coming from on this point. The president has, for intent and purpose, become a dictator, albeit a benign dictator. But one who wields power the same way any other despot has in the past, to wit: He controls the media, he brands anyone who disagrees with him an enemy of the 'state,' and he's implementing Draconian laws that allow his thugs to do pretty much anything they want to do without legal sanction. In fact, he's shredding the Constitution and trampling the Bill of Rights and the 'people' just keep going about their business with blinders on, cheering on Bush-O-rama every day. His popularity polls remain high despite his failure to back up his Iraq assertions in the post-war days.

If you're interested in world politics and you suspect, as do I, that this government has imperial goals, that is, a desire to rule the world, then read an article in July/August edition of The Atlantic Monthly titled "Supremacy by Stealth," by Robert D. Kaplan. The article lays out a vision for American supremacy in the world being proliferated through spies, military agents and smooth-talking politicians with knives behind their backs.
The atmosphere this administration has created harkens back to the McCarthy era, a dark chapter in our nation's history, to say the least.
Bush's America looks like a tent revival meeting, with a huckster jangling a tamborine and shouting hallelujah, sweat flinging wildly off his face, while the ecstatic 'sheep' moan, chant and dance frantically while emptying their pockets into the buckets passed down the aisles by the huckster's thugs. America under Bush looks white - with a few token Hispanics in the mix because Bush has made money with Hispanic businessmen. Harsh? I don't think I'm representing the true depth of Bush's oligarchical designs. We're going to hear more about this idea that only those who pay federal income taxes should be allowed to vote at the federal level. Haven't heard this proposition yet? You will! Yea, as it's been presented thus far the way it would work is, for every $10,000 in federal income tax (not FICA or Medicare taxes from our paychecks) an individual would get one vote. So someone paying $50,000 in federal income tax would have five votes; someone paying $5 million in federal income tax would have 500 votes; and so on. Therefore, obviously, a select group would decide federal elections were this clearly unconstitutional proprosal implemented. But hey, if you think there's not a chance that this kind of idea could become national law, take a close look at the Homeland Security Act and then glance at the Constitution, particularly as it pertains to personal privacy and expectation of freedom from fear of government interference. On their face, several sections within the security bill are unconstitutional in my opinion, but no one questions - not when it was passed in 2002 and not now, when it's been revised to give the Ashcroft gang even more sweeping powers. Where is our media? What's happened to the journalists who once had a passion for protecting the people, the Constitution and questioning the laws of the land. What's happened to the principle of inquiry? It seems we have a cadre of cowardly journalists more concerned, as mentioned, with their accreditation to get into the press room at the White House then with digging for facts. I'm disappointed. Deeply disappointed.


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