Saturday, May 31, 2003

Work, work, work, ad infinitum ... I'm stuck here at work on a Saturday night and it sucks! But it pays the bills - and I've plenty of those. But at least I get a few moments to play about like these few moments here, adding a bit of salt and pepper to my blog site. Hope all is well with everyone in cyberspace (except for you kiddie porn freaks - may you burst into flames and burn alive!) I'm hiding behind a bank of computers in a cubicle right now but I can hear the mumblings of my colleagues and I'm sure they're looking for me, so I'll keep this brief (that's a relief, eh?).
So, Iraq has turned into the albatross many suggested it would be once we dispatched Saddam and his henchmen. Now we're the "imperialists" of lore, the bully-power that third world nations have called us for decades. I guess we just got tired of not living up to the hype.
And so it goes.
Now I simply must check on the "In box" to see if I have pages to edit. Peace on you and yours.


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