Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Oh no! I do believe we've entered the land of fiction - where BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING! Short and not-so-sweet: I cannot believe (or, yes I can believe) that Bush and his cronies are asking that a ban on low-yield nuclear weapons be lifted by the international community so we can blow people up who've burrowed deep into the earth to hide. Incredible! The scientist who presented the administration's point of view said that low-yield weapons could be safely deployed in certain circumstances and that it would allow the U.S. military greater efficacy in its effort to uproot terrorists or tyrants like Saddam Hussein (didn't we just kick his butt?).
Now the opposing view is that nuclear weapons are 'dirty' no matter what anyone says, and that low-yield does not mean no yield in terms of nuclear fallout, civilian casualties and land masses contaminated for thousands of years ... well, perhaps hundreds, but for a long, long time.
I tell you, I believe we're dealing with a megalomaniac in GW and his thirst for power is growing unquenchable. I can hear the military analysts telling him "no, we can blow a hole in the earth deep enough to get at these guys without causing too much harm to the surrounding region." I imagine Bush envisions himself as a pragmatist and a realist but I think he's just plain nuts if he buys the argument that nuclear - low-yield or not - is a good thing for the United States to put in its arsenal of conventional warfare weaponry. Aaargh!


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