Thursday, July 24, 2003

Another three soldiers died in Iraq today. Does anyone get the feeling that the administration is hiding a terrible secret in plain sight and we're just too blind, numb or dumb to see it?

I do not understand the situation on the ground in Iraq so I won't criticize the military leadership for its inability to snuff out the shadowy cabal of anti-American killers who're operating there. But I do criticize the Bush administration - especially Paul Wolfowitz - for not having the foresight to plan for the protection of our troops once the 'war' was concluded. The outcome was wholly predictable, Saddam and his ilk would be ousted and, as has happened, they would escape and plot counter-actions from their lairs, or they would be captured and/or killed.

Now we have small bands of Iraqis (or are they?) plinking away at our troops with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades, killing one, two or three at a time and undermining the morale of our soldiers. It seems to me that military leaders have very likely given the administration guidance on how to proceed with eradicating these guerillas and, given that scenario, the administration is ignoring that guidance for political reasons.

It's disheartening and aggravating, to say the least! However, I looked at the clock and noticed it's almost time for an appointment I have. So I'll return to this subject in a bit.

Have a nice day.


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