Monday, June 07, 2004

And my fingers did the walking. So, as a result, I had splayed, aching fingers. Ouch!

I have about one minute to get something down here so I'll simply say too bad about old Ronnie, the most forgetful president that ever lived. Who can forget the 230 times he answered, "I don't recall that," or "I simply can't remember it happening that way," when questioned by the committee to investigate the Iran-Contra scandal?

Ah, who cares? Life goes on (though not for Ronnie) and for the next week, while the officials who make those kinds of decisions trundle his body about the nation so people can line up and look at a closed coffin, just so they can tell their grandchildren they did, I suppose, we're all going to bombarded with clips, outtakes and audio blips of "The Great Communicator" stating his anti-Communist stance and firing most of the airport controllers nationwide. Wow, what a move that was!

Time's up. Got to run. Condolences to the Reagans and all those who suffered under his regime.

Peace – out.


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