Sunday, April 11, 2004

Sunday blahs again.
It ain't Bob Dylan but it's just the way I feel. Blah. The most exciting thing happening in my life at the moment is a taped episode of "24," which is not so bad actually. Kind of gruesome. The plot is a bit difficult to follow what with all the switching back and forth between Mexican drug cartels and mysterious operatives and black ops agents manipulating the president with the threat of a virus that kills within hours -- horribly, I might add.

Some fun, eh? Well, that's what's happening with me.

The Condoleeza Rice testimony was a farce! She was so prepped and coached it was ridicuously transparent that she was following a script. And then there was the title of the PDB "Osama bin Laden's Plan to Attack America" or something like that. How Ms. Rice could say with a straight face "It wasn't an actual warning or specific alert about an impending event but rather an historical document," I'll never know.

But I will say this: No one should be blamed for what happened on 9-11 except Osama bin Laden, the perpetrators and the people who funded the operation. I would never blame the president, the cabinet or anyone in the FBI, CIA or any other agency for not putting the puzzle together in time to prevent the disaster. It's patently unfair to lay the blame at anyone's feet who wasn't directly involved. This commission, I hope, will produce some helpful suggestions about how to improve our security measures - without eroding our Constitutional liberties any further than they already have been.

I still think that Bush should not have attacked Iraq but rather spent the billions of dollars we're now spending there on tracking down Osama and his crew. But there it is. What are you going to do? The prez has the last word, as such.

My job is sooooo mind-numbing it's almost laughable. But I need to pay the bills so I'll stick it out until something better appears on the horizon. But damn, it's such a drag.

So tomorrow I think I'll go see "Hellboy" just for the helluvit. That is, after I take my lady's dog to the vet for a teeth cleaning procedure and make a deposit at my bank to cover the bad checks I wrote this weekend. Wahooo! Some fun!

That's it. I'm out.


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