Sunday, January 18, 2004

New England Patriots win the AFC 24-14

The Pats are on their way to Super Bowl 38 after burying Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts. Kind of surprise to me because I thought that Manning was so precise and unflappable in the last two wins to get to this game today that he and his teammates would be unbeatable. But, of course, there is the fact that the Colts gave up double-digit points in their last game, leaving it up to the offense to get the job done. But in the frigid, snowy weather of New England the Colts folded.

C'est la guerre.

And now it's time to find out which NFC team will face the Pats at the Super Bowl. Will it be the Eagles (not likely) or the Panthers (just as unlikely). In fact, the Eagles-Panthers game could be the wildest game of the day. Both teams have a way of screwing up at just the wrong moment, and both, given the opportunity, find a way to lose.

But I don't really care much who goes to the Super Bowl this year. I haven't watched a complete game of pro football all season! And since neither the 49ers or the Raiders are in the hunt, my interest is minimum at best.

So, not to waste yours or my time, I'll simply say, have a great day. May your team win. Keep on breathing, keep on moving, keep on growing.


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