Thursday, September 29, 2005

I feels like I'm fixing to die, ack!
Yea, I've been sick for about two weeks now and it's beginning to dawn on me that I may have a serious affliction. Since it's symptoms are all respiratorily expressed I'm guessing I may have pneumonia, perhaps I've developed asthma or emphysema or I'm experiencing some form of allergy that I've never had before.
Who knows?
But it's a huge drag on my daily enjoyment of life, I'll tell ya that!
Anyway, got to go 'cause I'm at work and deadline is fast-approaching. Ciao.
Whew! I'm back -- although I'm still at work. I guess I'll have to start that epic novel soon in case my body is about to fold on the big, universal poker game and I wind up worm food in some foreign soil.
I love the Christian right and their cute agendas. Take, for example, the attack on Darwinian theory. And attack is what it really is -- despite what a lot of the conservative talk-show cheerleaders for all things GOP say to the contrary. Less than a search for truth, the Christian right's agenda is not to insert a plausible scientific theory worth exploring into the mainstream education system. Oh no. Rather it's to destabilize scientists and scientific methods for proving theories so that these quaint little God-lovers can manipulate reality to fit any assertion they care to make. Get it? No? Well, that's too bad, I suppose. But it's certainly clear to me that this argument that intelligent design is a plausible theory for human existence, at least as plausible as Darwin's theory, is utter nonsense on its face. Not because I subscribe to Darwin's theory above all else, but simply because the IDers simply disregard any evidence that refutes their child-like vision of reality, much the same as, well, a child might say "Mommy's not dead!" even though her cold, still corpse is laying on a slab in front of them.
Their tenuous grip on the basic tenets of rational argument hinges solely on their assertoin that Darwin's theory is not 100 percent proven. Wow! That's worth an 80-point headline for sure -- NOT!
Given that stance, one conversely ought to say that intelligent design is pure fiction given that there's not even 10 percent proof that it fits the scientific facts known to date.
Now if Christian flat-earthers want to refute science and its tenets, findings and arguments, that's fine. But please don't try and cloak an attack on science behind the guise of "furthering man's knowlege" of the universe and existence.
No, no, no. What you good Christian folk are trying to do is bend science to fit your version of earth, heaven, hell, Moses, Jesus and the crew, but what you're managing to achieve is propagation of ill-informed, anti-social kids who're going to get trampled in stampede of knowledge throughout the rest of the world, no matter what you WANT to believe.
But, again, believe whatever you like, of course. Hell, teach your own kids that the world was created in 7 days, no lunch breaks, and that Darwin's theory is just hocum. Have your own children disregard all the proven facts that science has revealed if you're uncomfortable with the unknown. I understand. It's a big, big world and the universe is at least as big, eh, and sometimes it's scary. That's why you want to turn over your brain, body and soul to GOD -- your 'Darwin's' theory of evolution. I know, I know. If you have to actually accept that you're responsible for most of your own decisions, and that the world doesn't always play out according to Chapter 7, Verse 3, Line 8 of the REALLY BIG BOOK, why then, life can get pretty tough at times, yes?
Absolutely, my dear Christian right, have it your way. But please quit trying to shove your childish, arrogant agenda down mine and the rest of society's throat, won't you? Please?


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