Sunday, May 29, 2005

Have you noticed how conservative talk show hosts spin the GOP agenda so that all the ills of the world lead back to the Clinton administration? It's remarkable to me that these gurus of garbage are quick to discount the Clinton presidency as irrevelent until someone compares Clinton's record to Dubya's, then out come the sparkling catch-phrases and subterfuge.

It's pitiful, when I think about it, because no matter how often Rush Limbaugh says he's hooked into a direct line from God, I keep thinking about his gobbling down dozens of oxycontin pills per day "for his back." Yea, right. He must have had a truck roll over his back - frequently and repeatedly to need that amount of pain relief.

So the top conservative talk show host in America is a junkie, but none of his fans will ever chastise him for the human failing. However, mention that a liberal has a drinking problem or engages in extra-marital sex and it's time to bar the door and bring out the big guns, because an attack of disproportionate vitriol will be forthcoming!

Selective memory is a sweet thing, ain't it Rush.


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