Sunday, December 26, 2004

Wow, what a weird football play!

The Miami Dolphins (poor babies) just intercepted a pass from Cleveland's quarterback; the Miami player who caught the ball lateralled the ball to another Dolphin who then tried to make a second lateral, but the guy trying to catch the second lateral muffed the catch and fumbled the ball. Cleveland recovered the fumble, putting the ball about where they would have had it had the receiver made the catch. That's what I love about football; almost anything can happen, and often does. My jaw dropped when I saw that play because I"ve never seen anything like it.

Debbi just called so I'm going to head on over and visit with her for a bit. She's been sick for days now which is a drag since Christmas is her favorite time of year and her Christmas has been pretty much ruined because she feels shitty. C'est la vie.

So have a Happy New Year!


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