Sunday, July 03, 2005

Muggy, hot and sweaty Sunday. One day after the largest-ever concert event.

Fifty-seven channels and nothing's on ... hell, it's more like 257 channels and ... etc.

Humorless curmudgeon, that's what I'm being at the moment. Hell, why not. This whole "life" thing is such a mess I think God needs a kick in the butt!

What the hell was He/She/It thinking (does God think???) when He/She/It created the universe and everything, especially when He/She/It created humans? I sometimes think He/She/It was bored and threw together our little lives - or the template for same - just to see how much cosmic debris we could absorb; perhaps He/She/It was interested in unloading a few loose thoughts and dreams on hardwired components connected to His/Hers/Its mind to have a bit of entertainment, what with free will and whatnot, our reactions to this feedback could be highly entertaining, I imagine.

C'est la vie.

Happy Fourth of July, America!


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